JUMP. 2005

Maria Pogorzhelskaya is one of the representatives of the new Russian Pop Art. The artist's main focus is an expression of happiness, and in this sense, the best sources of imagination are proved to be glossy magazines and television advertising. The first series of Maria Pogorzhelskaya’s paintings was called "On the Beach". You’d see pools, lounges, summer, ladies with cosmetic mask on their faces, open bright colors. The new exhibition is called "Jumps". Girls frozen at the peak of their flights fly through the space flooded with sunlight, if not with bright light of smiles. Overabundance of energy, joy, and health keeps the girls in levitation. And while some girls soar bizarre, some girls look unnatural, others do seem to be the embodiment of happiness. Seriously.
KOMMERSANT WEEKEND, №114 (3198), 24.06.2005


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